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Internet Marketing or Marketing over the Internet is not the same as traditional marketing. Although many concepts and principles are similar, there are a few differences. Essentially, marketing your business over the Internet implies taking advantage of technology that the Internet provides. For example, think about how the fax machine revolutionized businesses over the globe. Well, now look back and think what you felt when you received your first email? What about web surfing? Buying books, clothes and anything you can imagine from the comfort of your home? What about comparing prices from different vendors before choosing the one that gave you the best value for money? Well.... all this has been made possible using the Internet. And now small businesses in Canada and over the globe can take advantage and leveragethis technology in your business.

critical components of Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing has been around for a long time. However, it is only recently that the explosion has taken place. We can thank the Search Engines for that. This is simply because the vast majority of people (over 80%) use the Search Engines to locate information. Information to solve problems or answer questions. Few really go on the Internet and Search Engines to buy. They do eventually end up buying a product or service they feel will help them solve the original question. But this is only after a certain level of trust has been established.

Some of the critical components relevant to Internet Marketing for any business; small or other wise, are:

  1. SEO or Search Engine Optimization
  2. Keywords
  3. Sales Copy
  4. Newsletters and email marketing

SEO or Search Engine Optimization - is the process where you optimize your entire web site and individual pages within your web site to make it "easy" for the search engines to "index" your web site. Because search engines love text (or content), you want to make sure your site has lots of content. One of the best ways is to provide meaningful content to your visitors with information that is relevant to your business. Search Engines love to find sites that are rich in content with specific keywords that aptly describe your site and business.

Keywords - are those parts of your web site that describe your business. You want to match your web pages and site with keywords that are relevant to your business. You also want to make sure these are the same keywords users are using when they search for information pertaining to your business.

Sales Copy - in the end, no matter what you try and market, you will have to rely on some sort of sales copy to lead your potential customer through the sales process. This becomes absolutely crucial because unlike a regular retail store, there is no "sales person" in the Internet to talk and guide your customer. As a result, your sales copy will probably become one of the most important pages in your web site.

Newsletters and email marketing - is another crucial tool to stay in touch with your customer. The more you are in touch with your customer, the more trust you build with your customer. Of course, if this relationship is well established, it becomes easy to provide additional services/products to your existing customers. One of the best ways to stay in touch with your customers is to create a newsletter that is distributed at regular intervals (daily, weekly, monthly). Your newsletter should contain information that is relevant to your subscriber without any blatant promotion of your services /products. In other words, if your subscriber is interested in cooking, you don't want to write articles on sewing.

how can NetMedian help me?

NetMedian is a Canadian Search Engine Optimization company and is experienced in the areas of Internet Marketing starting from the basic keyword research to the more complex search engine positioning. We can also help you by marketing your small business web site creatively. We list some of our key strengths and areas of expertise below:

Keywords – NetMedian can assist you in identifying rich keywords that are relevant and pertinent to your business. We can also provide information that will identify what words potential customers are actually typing in the search engines so you can create your content on your web site to target these customers. The benefit to you is considerably reduced time in researching and attempting to guess on “good” keywords. This translates to cost savings as well as creating the opportunity to create highly focused content.

Search Engine Positioning – NetMedian can assist you in analyzing your current web site for opportunities to rank yourself better with the search engines. We will also help you analyze your competitors' web sites by conducting a search engine position analysis. This will help and assist you to learn in being one step better and ahead of them. We will create turnkey packages for you where we will analyze your web site, your current content, suggest (and make) changes, submit and monitor your web site to search engines, check and compare your web site ranking vis-à-vis your closest competitors and provide regular feedback and reports to you. NetMedian also does not use any “hidden” techniques that attempt to “fool” search engines. All of our work is carried out on your web site with your content. All benefits directly apply to your web site. The advantage of all this is that you deal with one company for your entire search engine strategy. You will also have peace of mind knowing that all the work and benefits that relate to your web site will remain with you, even if our contract isn’t renewed.

Sales Copy – NetMedian can assist you in creating compelling sales copy that is popular and that works in the Internet. We keep track of all the new tools and techniques as well as advances made in the area of Sales Copy. We have an in-house process that can consistently create good sales copy that will convey your message to potential customers in a consistent manner. The advantage to you is that you get good sales copy that will continue to work and convert your visitors to customers.

Newsletters and email marketing – NetMedian can assist you in identifying the correct strategy for communicating with your customers. We can advise you on what tools work out there and what you need to make your communication channels painless and uncomplicated. And because we are in touch with leading Internet marketers, we can advise you on what techniques work and what doesn’t. NetMedian strongly believes in the phrase, “Why reinvent the wheel?”. We are also strong proponents of “reuse”. The benefit to you is that you save considerable time and effort in your communication strategies instead of attempting to test different strategies or tools that may or may not work.

Search Engine positioning is one of the most intriguing and fascinating subjects in the Internet today. If you want to learn more about how Search Engines can help you in your business, or other creative ways to market to your customers, simply enter your name and email address to have this information delivered into your Inbox.

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