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SEO for the small business?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a term that is increasingly gaining popularity on the Internet. And whay is that so? Well, it is a fact that most people go to the search engines to search for anything and everything. Statistics indicate that over 85% of the Internet population use search engines to locate information.

How does SEO work?

Search engine optimization works if your website is optimized for the search engines. Depending on your knowledge and familiarity with technology, it may be extremely simple or extremely complex. SEO is often times called an art, a science and everything in between.

You start by optimizing your small business website by selecting keywords that are relevant to your business. You then ensure that the content on your website speaks to these keywords. As easy as it may sound, in some cases it is; whilst in others it may be complex.

What can NetMedian do for my business with SEO?

NetMedian will work with you and help you identify your keywords that are relevant to your target market. We will then assist you in optimizing your site to be "search-engine friendly". We will also monitor your site and provide you reports that will let you know when your site was spidered by a search engine and how many pages were actually picked up by the search engines. This is important to know as it may point out to potential problems within your site if all pages are not getting "spidered" by the search engines


What is a "local" search?

Increasingly, users on the Internet are using search engines to find and locate businesses locally. Because of this strong trend, search engines have now started offering local versions of their search facilities. For example, if I wanted to locate a plumber close to where I love I may type "plumber surrey". Search engines will then list all web sites that target these keywords. As you can see, optimizing your site for local keywords will increasingly gain importance.

What results has NetMedian achieved?

Take a look at some of the rankings NetMedian has achieved for some of the keywords. If you want similar rankings for your website or business, please contact us.

Note: Even though all rankings are below 20, we have only highlighted our rankings below 10, with a special emphasis on #1.


Alta Vista
small business affordable SEO lower mainland 1 5 6 7
search engine small business lower mainland 7 9 12 12
small business process automation lower mainland 1 2 2 2
small business email marketing lower mainland 1 7
internet marketing lower mainland 14 18 19 13
internet marketing small business lower mainland 3 12 13 13
affordable SEO lower mainland 1 8 8 7
small business web design lower mainland 8 7 7 9
small business web design surrey bc 7 1 1 1
web design surrey bc 13 6 6 6
internet marketing surrey bc 6 1 1 2


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