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Affordable Website Design
You don't have to sell the farm to have a high-quality website. NetMedian offers affordable website designs and web site hosting for the small business. Check us out

Internet Marketing
Want to see how you can expand your horizons? Then the Internet Marketing page is for you. Read about the critical components of Internet Marketing and how NetMedian can asisst you. Also read about SEO or Search Engine Optimization, Keywords, Sales Copy, Newsletters and email marketing.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization for the small business
SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a term that is increasingly gaining popularity on the Internet. And whay is that so? Well, it is a fact that most people go to the search engines to search for anything and everything. Statistics indicate that over 85% of the Internet population use search engines to locate information.

Services to contribute to your bottom line. this sections is conveniently grouped under Web Site design, Search Engine Optimization, Internet Marketing and Business Process Automation. The four areas cirtical to the success of your website.

Resources and Partners
List of useful links related to Small business Web Design, Development and Internet Marketing. Links are also added and maintained for SEO and Small Business Process Automation

Articles and information that is relevant to your business and your web site. See how information and experience is shared over a variety of topics.

About Us
Want to know who we are and where we came from? Visit this page to learn about our experiences with web design, process automation, search engines and Internet marketing.

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