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Here are some projects NetMedian undertook to provide solutions to business owners. Each project had it's own set of requirements that needed to be fulfilled. Our testimonials demonstrate our customer satisfaction, approach and methodology and strong relationship with our clients.

Please note that some of the sites' links have not been activated at the request of the business owners. However, do feel free to contact us if you need more information or details.

affordable web site design


Project Expectations: The business owners wanted a site to look elegant as it was critical to their business image. NetMedian developed a site that provided the capability to easily expand as new needs were initiated.

“Elvin took the time to really understand our needs and what we had in mind. He was efficient and his qualifying process was very specific and helped narrow down to exactly what we wanted”

“… it was delivered over our expectations. people love our website!”

“Elvin was in constant communication with us on the development and the ETA at every steps of the project”

Stéphanie Lagacé - Simply Extravagant

flexible web site design


Project Expectations: The partners wanted a site that was a little unique yet portrayed the breadth and depth of the business capability and offering. NetMedian developed a standards-based web site that was attractive and pleasing to the eye, yet was fluid in its design.

“I believe we had a good business process in place when meeting with Netmedian, however, after speaking to Elvin Picardo, we definitely had some 'wrinkles' in our process which he helped us iron out.”

“Trustworthy, have integrity, honest & open approach to doing business. Netmedian (Elvin Picardo) did what he said he was going to do when he said he was going to do it, gave us constant feedback & delivered our project on time & within budget. Netmedian also had the ability to explain intricate details of web site design in the simple language that we could understand.”

Caryn van der Merwe – C'Events

web site design using cascading style sheets


Project Expectations: Sharon needed a web site to visually appeal to all ages. The site needed to be friendly and non-initimidating. NetMedian built a site that was not only non-threatening, but also incorporated Encore's basic business colors in a variety of shades. The site is fluid in design and projects the exact image Encore needs.

“It was a very easy process on my behalf which is what I was needing as a new and busy business owner. Elvin listened to my needs and worked diligently on completing each task in a respectable time frame. It was a pleasure having someone else do the work for me.”

“I didn't have to stress over whether the job was going to get done on time and to me specs. I had full confidence in Elvin's work.”

Sharon Fleming, Encore Fitness Solutions

inexpensive web site design


Project Expectations: Grande Finale needed a web site that was quick to develop yet did not have the usual “mushy” look that are typically found in wedding-related sites. The site had to be fast loading yet maintain its visual appeal, especially for the menu. NetMedian developed a site according to web standards and used smart CSS positioning to provide an aesthetically pleasing site.

web site design using cascading style sheets


Project Expectations: SEEDS is a non-profit organization. They needed a face-lift from their existing web site which was getting complicated to maintain and unwieldy. The automation was non-functional and problematic. SEEDS was also very particular about their corporate colors. NetMedian stepped in and did a redesign from the ground up in 3 days and delivered a site build according to web-standards with the capability of easy expansion. The site is also fluid and capable of stretching content to fit in any browser.

“... our organization received more than what was paid for.”

“Service and understanding of our needs were the greatest achievement by NetMedian that took over a disasterous situation and turned it into a Win-Win situation for both parties.”

Margie Nand, SEEDS

dynamic web site design


Project Expectations: This Contact Lens portal needed to be completely dynamic since the business is dynamic in nature. The site needed a fully functional shopping cart with the ability to add items, modify order, view order history as well as provide back-office functions to maintain orders, manage customer profiles and maintain the databases. NetMedian created this site with all of the required functionality as well as functionality that included a double-optin process, customer and management reports.

“Elvin does approach a simple method to designing the web. He kept us in picture all the time and the end we did get not only the product we wanted but it far exceeded our expectations.”

“He worked with us as part of the team. His easy going nature and attention to detail were really apparent during both the projects.”

Anwar Nathu, OrderMyLens

business process automation for small business


Project Expectations: Spar Point Research LLC already had an existing web site that needed some levels of process automation. For example, the entire Conference Registration had to be automated which included capturing validated registration information and payment information. The project also had to respect confidentiality and did not want credit card numbers stored on the server. NetMedian came up with a creative way of solving this dilemma that was not only safe but ensured no leakage would take place.

“..web-based Conference registration database and online registration form”

“Elvin is very thorough and precise. He delivered our projects on time and on budget”

“ Elvin is sensitive to developing business friendly code. ”

“ Elvin is very responsive and can manage scope changes ”

Tom Greaves, Spar Point Research LLC

affordable web site deisgn


Project Expectations: This site needed to have the capability to build a dynamic resume yet be aesthetically pleasing with the option to change the look and feel of the site “on-the-fly”. NetMedian built this site that contained backend databases to store resume information. This information was then extracted and displayed via database queries and depended on input provided by the user.

Dynamic Online Resume

dynamic web site design using cascading style sheets


Project Expectations: Guildford Athletic Club needed a face lift to their existing web site. The existing web site is too tedious to maintain and does not contain information in logical areas. It has outgrown it's purpose. NetMedian redesigned the web site placing information into logical components that made navigation considerably easier.


inexpensive web design for small business


Project Expectations: This is a niche market web site that needed to be search-engine friendly yet was fast loading. This site was developed in two days using web standards and is fluid in its design. The entire site is developed using Cascading Style Sheets.

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